5 Pond Management Resolutions for 2023

Proper Pond Maintenance: 5 Pond Management Resolutions for 2023

5 Pond Management Resolutions to take better care of your Pond in 2023 and ensure proper pond maintenance.

Proper Pond Maintenance is vital for a vibrant and healthy pond which will look good, and support a healthy infrastructure of fish, waterfowl and other pond inhabitants. With attention to these 5 items and a small financial investment you can keep your pond healthy and avoid major problems (and expensive) clean up projects later.


Debris Removal

Keep the banks of your pond free from trash, landscaping debris, and other items that will harm your pond’s water and inhabitants. Landscape debris such as grass clippings, leaves, dead foliage, and tree branches will decay and add to the harmful “muck’ at the bottom of your pond. This muck buildup limits the oxygen intake and adds phosphorus and other harmful chemicals to your pond, making your pond’s environment unlivable for fish and waterfowl.

Pond Debris Removal by Pond Lake Management

Trash such as plastic grocery bags can be deadly to waterfowl, fish, and turtles which can get entangled in these items, suffocate or starve and die. Trash also accumulates and clogs drain pipes and water intakes, leading to expensive cleanup efforts. Proper pond maintenance goes a long way to make your pond clean and healthy.

Avoid Fertilizing close to your Pond

Fertilizers and Pond waters aren’t friends! Runoff from fertilizers drains into your pond where it breaks down and becomes food for harmful bacteria and algae. Algae blooms are bad news for a pond, they thrive in fertilizer-engorged waters, soaking up the oxygen, blocking sunlight and slowly forcing out good foliage and pond life.


We suggest keeping fertilizers at least 15-20 feet away from the pond’s edge and if possible do not fertilize at all near your pond.  Never dump grass clippings or dead landscaping foliage in your pond, this is the same as pouring fertilizer in your pond.


Add Aeration or Fountains to your pond

Proper oxygen levels in a pond or lake are required for a healthy pond that can support a thriving aquatic community.




Aerators help raise the oxygen levels “bottom-up”; Pond Fountains and Aerationthey infuse oxygen at the bottom of your pond with the bubbles rising to the surface.  Aerators help limit muck build-up and are the preferred solution for deep water ponds with muck build-up concerns.  Fountains are a good resource for shallow ponds, they oxygenate the water “top-down” with the streams of water forcing oxygen into the pond as it lands on the surface.


Fountains are also the right choice for a pond owner looking for an aesthetically pleasing addition to their fish ponds. They are a wide assortment of Fountain Spray patterns and Lighting options.


Pond Treatments

Water Dyes to help control weedsSo your pond is overrun with algae blooms or other harmful aquatic plant life, now you need to do something about this problem. There is a wide assortment of herbicides, algaecides and water dyes that can help you solve your runaway pond!


Aerators help raise the oxygen levels “bottom-up”; they infuse oxygen at the bottom of your pond with water dyes that help control the overgrowth of algae by blocking an overabundance of sunlight. In addition to their control tendencies, they can add beautiful color to your pond or lake.


These treatments can eliminate the obtrusive plants. Visit our online store to shop our selection of algaecides, herbicides, and water dyes. Pond Lake Management recommends consulting with a pond management professional before adding treatments to your pond to ensure the proper product is being used at the proper dosage. If you are located in the Piedmont of North Carolina and need a pond cleaning service we would love to help, complete our pond assessment form or give us a call. 

Pond Maintenance Plans are a sound investment for your pond

Do you ask yourself “What is the closest Pond Management Near Me” if you are located in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, Pond Lake Management is your Pond Maintenance solution?

Just like you need to mow your lawn or change the oil in your vehicle, a healthy pond requires consistent, proper pond maintenance. Algae, weeds, and pond debris left unchecked will only lead to costly maintenance later on.

Invest in a good pond maintenance plan that is customized to the needs of your pond and carried out by a well-trained pond maintenance professional. We would love to discuss your Pond Maintenance needs, give Pond Lake Management a call or fill out a pond assessment form.