Iced over pond, can lead to winter fish kill

Five Tips to Prevent Winter Fish Kill in your pond.


Introduction: Five Tips to prevent Winter Fish Kill

Consider five tips to minimize Winter Fish Kill

Fish Day at Pond Lake Management


Key learnings

Iced over ponds deprive fish of oxygenation and lead to the build-up of noxious gases. 

Run aeration systems year-round to help oxygenate the water.

If necessary, restock your fish population at the Pond Lake Management Fish Day in North Carolina.

Winter Fish Kill can be prevented by following these five easy tips to winterize your pond.

No Ventilation, no fresh air! A winter locked under an iced-over pond can be extremely harmful to your pond’s fish population. Fortunately, in North Carolina iced over ponds are not usually an issue but pond owners need to take care to prevent winter fish kill.

Consider these five tips to minimize Winter Fish Kill

1. Clean out brush and other vegetation that will decay and create pockets of harmful gas in the pond. These harmful gases can take the place of beneficial oxygenation that fish need in order to survive. This is one of the major reasons for fish kill in the winter months.


2. If your pond does ice over in the winter months, open a sizeable opening in the ice which will let some of the toxic gases to dissipate and provide for oxygen to enter the pond.

3. Run aeration systems with a de-icer year-round. This helps to keep the ice from forming as the air bubbles from the aerators rise to the surface. The bubbling action adds oxygen back into the water that the fish need to survive during the winter months. For winter activities like ice skating and ice fishing, ensure that you stay a safe distance away from the aeration air holes.

4. If you plan to run aeration year-round move your system to shallower waters. This allows the deeper water to remain warmer where the fish can congregate during the cooler months. By having a warmer area in the pond, fish will not over-chill and have a better chance of survival.

5.If you feed your fish – either manually or with an automatic fish feeder – stop feeding them when water temperatures reaches 40° F, stop feeding your fish until spring.


Winter Fish kill survival

Fish Day at Pond Lake Management

At Pond Lake Management, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy fish population in your pond or lake. That’s why we offer an annual Fish Day event every spring to help restock and replenish your fish population. While we always strive to prevent Winter Fish Kill events, sometimes they are unavoidable and can result in the loss of some fish.

But don’t worry, our Fish Day event is here to help! Our team at Pond Lake Management in Greensboro, North Carolina will also provide expert advice on proper stocking rates and management techniques to ensure the long-term health of your fish population.

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Avoiding Winter Fish Kill in your Residential, Commercial, or Agricultural Pond is a commitment that you should take seriously if temperatures fall significantly in your geographic area. While some fish kill might be unavoidable, a good effort to prepare your pond for winter will help your pond fish population survive and thrive.

If you need help with avoiding fish kill in your pond call Pond Lake Management at 336-669-1016 or complete our Request a Pond Assessment form.


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