Solar Powered Pond Fountains & Aeration Units

Solar Powered Pond Fountain units are affordable solutions for hard-to-power locations in ponds across the U.S.

Pond Lake Management installs and maintains Solar Powered In Pond Fountain, Surface Aeration, and Diffused Aeration units. Solar Power is the perfect solution for rural ponds and lakes that are a significant distance from a power source.

Available for units up to 2 Horsepower, these units can operate as stand-alone solar-powered units or solar power plus power grid options. We offer quality Aeration and Fountain Units from Kasco Marine and Vertex Aquatic Solutions.

Pond Lake Management sells and ships Solar Powered Pond Fountains, Surface Aerators, and Diffused Aerators throughout the United States.

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120V – Solar Power – 1/2 & 3/4 HP

Kasco Marine

$7,859.00 - $12,172.00


208 – 240V – Solar Power 1 & 2 HP

Kasco Marine

$7,815.00 - $12,690.00