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Customer Testimonials: Read what customers are saying about Pond Lake Management

mystery person
{This spring we had an explosive growth of Souther Niad in our 63-acre lake near Greensboro. Lee, the owner, came to our HOA meeting and explained what need to be done and the costs involved and answered a bunch of questions from our members. He and his team came out and after the planned 2 treatments the lake was cleared back up. We're on a scheduled program to prevent another out break. The final price was the same as the estimate! We highly recommend Pond Lake!
Jim levine
Lynwood Lakes
Pond Maintenance Diffused Aeration installed by Pond Lake Management
{If you need help with your lake/pond, these are the guys to call. Honest and resourceful, Lee and his team will get you what you need while offering you any information you need to get your pond looking the way you want. I didn’t know much about fountains when I started down this path but I luckily called the right company to help. I didn’t feel like a number & really felt like it was a friend helping me out. I won’t look for anyone else, happy to stay with Lee and his team for anything I need in the future.
Jeff B
Pond and Lake Fountain Lighting
{Lee is very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with. He gave me options to suit my budget. He sells and installs top-notch equipment. My pond looks great after installing an aeration system with three bubbler stations. I will use Lee for all my future pond-related needs.
Mack K
{Pond Lake Management exceeded my expectations. I had struggled for years to keep my 3.5 acre pond under control from odor and algae. Pond Lake Management Responded to my call for help did a complete evaluation of my pond. Presented me with a clear plan of what was needed and why. PLM professional crew installed an air system that has made my pond beautiful and odor free. Highly recommend.
Ken K
{Lee was great from the start. He was very informative and solved our initial problem. He gave us advice of things to do going forward. Highly recommend.
Ken H.
Revolution Mill at dusk with Fountains
{Pond Lake Management and Lee provided the best value, best quality, and best service ever to clean up our Forest Oaks lake. After several years of neglect, PLM has resolved our weed overgrowth problems.
Gary M
Pond and Lake Assessment in Greensboro, NC
{Honest, reliable, knows his stuff. Highly recommend
G. Newell
{Had great experiences dealing with Pond lake management in the past; excellent, friendly service and very knowledgeable. Had a pond that was completely overrun with algae and pollen, and overall looked horrible and in just a week’s time, they had it already looking better and clearing up. Then maintained it beautifully. Would definitely recommend.
K. Fields
Qualified Technicians from Pond Lake Maintenance
{Top notch! Would recommend for your pond management needs – professional and knowledgeable.
D. Doss
Pond Maintenance Plans for Apartment and HOA complexes
{I have dealt with Pond Lake Management a few times now and they are great. Quick response, knowledgeable, and honest. I highly recommend them.
Ryan FSU
Pond and Lake Fountain Lighting
{Professional service, honest and reliable. Great customer service.
M. Caudle
Pond and Lake Aeration helps control algae problems
{Pond Lake Management was instrumental in helping the Kings Mill/Kings Pond HOA control its algae problems in the neighborhood pond. With the addition of two submerged aeration units, our pond is once again visually appealing and healthy.
Steve B.
Kings Mill HOA

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