WGHP, Fox 8’s Cindy Farmer and Lee Andrews talk Pond Maintenance.

Pond Lake Management recently spoke with Cindy Farmer on the “Teach Me Tuesdays” segment on WGHP Fox 8 TV about the proper maintenance of a pond

Ponds are an important asset and the proper pond care and maintenance is an investment in helping to keep your pond healthy and visually appealing. Pond Lake Management recommends the use of Pond Fountains and Diffused Aeration to help aerate your pond.

Diffused Areation

Farm Ponds, Commercial Ponds, Residential Ponds and Community Lakes need a minimum oxygen level of 5 parts per million. You need to aerate water to keep the oxygen levels high enough to prevent fish kill, and minimize the terrible odors that are created when organic wastes deteriorates. The lower oxygen levels make the aerobic process difficult to complete, leading to the production of hydrogen sulfide. In deep ponds, lower oxygen levels lead to stratification, which is when oxygen-depleted layers form at the bottom of the pond. Without oxygen in this layer, fish and plants don’t have the proper levels of oxygen needed for life.

Pond Fountains

Pond Fountains add visual appeal to ponds. In addition to their visual qualities, fountains help with the health of a pond by adding more oxygen to the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and fall into the pond.

Determining the right fountain and pump size for a pond is vital to a pond’s health. Deciding if a water pond fountain is right for your pond will depend on the pond’s depth, shape, and size. Pond Fountains are a good option for aerating ponds less than 6′ deep and uniformly shaped.

Pond Maintenance Plans

Just like your lawn, a healthy, attractive pond requires consistent maintenance and attention. By entering into a full-service pond maintenance plan with PLM, we can maintain and keep ahead of weed, and algae growth. We monitor pond or lake conditions on each visit and provide you with a detailed checklist and suggestions for corrective action that can be taken to prevent future problems.

If you need help with Pond Maintenance in Central North Carolina, reach out to Pond Lake Management to get a quote on maintenance for your pond. We offer pond maintenance for residential, commercial, institutional, and government properties. Call us at 336-669-1016 or complete and submit a pond assessment request.