Pond Lake Management Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery offers you the opportunity to view some of our work, and the solutions provided by Pond Lake Management to bring your Pond or Lake back to life. Our Pond Maintenance programs help you identify and control Algae and Weeds with Aeration, Fountains, or a chemical prevention and maintenance routine.

Table of Contents

Algae & Weed Identification Photos

Aeration Sales, Installation, and Maintenance Photos

Fountain Sales, Installation, and Maintenance Photos

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Algae & Weed Identification

Identify the Weeds and Algae in your Pond or Lake with our photo gallery images

Aeration Sales, Installation and Maintenance

With an aeration unit, the air is pushed through diffuser plates positioned at the bottom of the pond. As the air bubbles rise, oxygenated water from the surface moves to the bottom, creating a healthy aerobic pond ecosystem.

Fountain Sales, Installation and Maintenance

Fountains add visual appeal to your pond and waterway, the spraying of water is relaxing and tranquil to hear. In addition to their visual qualities, fountains add a great deal of oxygen into the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and fall back into the pond.