Fountains for Ponds

In Pond Fountains add visual appeal to your pond and waterway, the spraying of water is relaxing and tranquil to hear. In addition to their visual qualities, ponds with fountains will add more oxygen to the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and fall into the pond.

Determining the right fountain for a pond is vital to a pond’s health. Deciding if a water pond fountain is right for your pond will depend on the pond’s depth, shape, and size. Pond Fountains are a good option for aerating ponds less than 6′ deep and uniformly shaped, for aerating the pond.



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Pond Fountain Maintenance & Repair

Although it is a relatively simple matter to purchase new pond fountains from the Internet or a local company, it is sometimes an entirely different matter to find a company that can help you with installation, warranty work, or repairs on your equipment.

That’s where Pond Lake Management can help solve your pond management needs. We conduct comprehensive installations, maintenance, and repairs for pond fountains. We only sell high-quality fountains from manufacturers such as Kasco Marine and  Airmax Fountains & Aerators.

Not only do we sell a huge variety of fountains for ponds, aerators, and bottom-diffuser aeration systems, but we also provide delivery and installation. Pond Lake Management will help you find a local electrician who will provide the required electrical connections and suggest periodic fountain maintenance and repair programs that protect your warranty while giving trouble-free service for your equipment. Our ongoing maintenance programs include:

  • Cleaning Exterior of Pump Intake Screens & Floating Fountains For Ponds

  • Adjust Pond Fountain Nozzles & Jets as Necessary

  • Maintenance of Pond Fountain Light Lens

  • Inspection of Anchor Lines

  • Testing of Time Clocks & Controls

  • Replacement Labor during Regularly Scheduled Visits

  • Discount on any Required Parts or Repairs

  • Placement adjustment in the Lake or Pond if the Fountain has become out of place

Pond Fountain Suppliers

Pond Lake Management offers a variety of Fountain options from these trusted suppliers. If you want to revitalize your Pond or Lake and would like help choosing the right Fountain complete our Pond or Lake Assessment form or call us at 336-669-1016.

We install and maintain pond and lake fountain units from Kasco Fountains. Click the image to view a brochure and price list.

2024 Kasco Fountain and Aerator Catalog

We offer pond and lake owners Fountain options from Aquamaster Fountains. Click the image to view a brochure and price list.

Pond Fountain catalog from Aqua Master

Learn more about the Fountain options from Airmax Fountains & Aerators. Click the image to view a brochure and price list.

Airmax Pond Fountains