Diffused Pond Aeration

Diffused Pond Aerators

Submerged pond aerators for lakes and ponds across the U.S.

We suggest diffused aerators for your lake aeration when the water is over six feet deep.
Diffused aerators push oxygenated water up through diffuser plates from the bottom of your pond which improves the oxygen level of your pond and makes it more inhospitable for algae and weeds.

Fountains are great for shallower ponds and lakes, they draw water from the top of the pond, leaving waters deeper than six feet oxygen-deprived. Ongoing aeration is vital to maintain consistent oxygen levels in your lake.

Pond Lake Management is an authorized dealer for several reputable manufacturers of Diffused Aerators, Surface Aerators, and Fountains such as Airmax and Outdoor Water Solutions.

Pond Lake Management sells and ships pond aerators throughout the United States.


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