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Wednesday, October 18th at Pond Lake Management in Greensboro, NC.

(Fish must be picked up at our location)

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Pond Fountains

The best pond fountain options for ponds across the United States!

If your pond needs help with aquatic vegetation control or beautifying it’s environment, adding a fountain in your pond is a great solution.

Whether you need a small pond fountain or in pond fountains with horsepower. Pond Lake Management can provide options to meet your needs. Our fountains for ponds offer beautiful and aesthetically pleasing spray patterns and a variety of RGB or composite pond lighting options.

If you are looking for a fountains for ponds solution for your commercial, residential, farm, educational, or governmental property, Pond Lake Management can provide you with a solution. We sell Pond Fountains with a variety of Lighting and Knozzle options to pond owners throughout the United States.

If you need help with installation, or are looking for a three Phase Fountain Options are available upon request.  Please call 336-669-1016 for details.

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Kasco Marine J Series Fountains

3/4 Quarter to 7.5 Horsepower

From: $1,829.00

VFX Fountain by Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine VFX Fountains

1/2 Quarter to 5 Horsepower

From: $1,316.00

Beautiful and Functional Lighting!

Waterglow Lighting is available with RGB LED lighting packages that allow for 9 color options that you can change with a remote controller. Composite LED Lighting offers color options but is more challenging because they use color lenses that require changing at the fountain in the water.

Pond Muck - Pond & Lake Management

Kasco Marine RGB LED Lighting

9 Color Options, 5 Brightntess Levels, Remote Control controls lighting from shore.

From: $1,234.00

Pond Muck - Pond & Lake Management

Kasco Marine Composite Lighting

5 Color Options, Requires changing color lens on the fountain in the water.

From: $830.00.00

Premium Fountain Nozzles

Kasco Marine Fountains come with five spay pattern options and for a small investment, you can invest in one of our premium nozzle packages. Our premium nozzles provide crisp, distinct streams of water for a more attractive display.

Kasco Marine Premium Nozzles
Premium Pond Fountain Nozzles from Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine Premium Nozzles

Crisp and Distinct Streams of water for a more attractive display. For 2, 3, 5 & 7.5 HP units.