How to choose the right Pond Fountain Pump Size (horsepower) for my Pond Fountain?

When it comes to selecting a pump for your in pond fountain, there are many factors you should consider. It’s important to choose the right pond fountain pump size for your particular fountain so that it can work efficiently and give you the desired results.


Consider the following:

  • The size of the pond

  • The type of pond and fountains you are using

  • The height and width of the water pattern you want the pond fountain to put out

  • The desired water circulation rate

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A larger pump will be able to create more pressure, resulting in higher water flow rates. In addition, a larger pump can handle more unique water patterns and multiple jets from premium fountain nozzles. On the other hand, a smaller pump for your water pond fountain may be better suited for simpler designs such as single jets, sprayers, and bubblers.

In most cases, a higher horsepower fountain will give you longer run times and more intense water flow rates. This means that the fountain can produce more, faster water volume which results in bigger and more dramatic displays of water sprays – perfect for larger ponds or lakes.

Pond Lake Management offers pumps to fight your every pond fountain need. We sell and install only quality pond fountain pumps for manufacturers such as AirMax, Outdoor Water Solutions, and Kasco Marine.

Pond Maintenance

Pro tip

No electricity to your pond? No problem. Most Pond Maintenance companies can run electricity to your pond. In more isolated ponds, solar powered fountains may be an option.

Can I use two pumps on a fountain?

In some cases, it may be possible to use two pumps – one for the main fountain and another for a smaller display. This is an effective way to give your pond extra character by running both fountains at different speeds, with different nozzles and even multiple light colors. It’s important to ensure that each pump is of the right size and power for its respective fountain.

These options can result in more variety and visual interest, however, be sure that the differences in horsepower are compatible with each other so they don’t interfere with your fountain’s performance.

Ultimately, selecting a pond fountain pump size for your pond water fountains should be based on the size of the pond, the type and design of the fountain, and the desired water flow rate. A higher horsepower pump will generally provide greater performance, but you’ll need to ensure that it is suitable for your particular application. And if you’re looking for extra character in your display, consider using two pumps with different pump sizes.

By taking the time to carefully consider all of these factors, you’ll get a unique water pattern that will offer visual beauty and a better pond water environment.

Installing Your Pond Fountain Pump

Once you have selected the right pump for your pond water fountain, it’s important to be sure that it is installed correctly to ensure optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you have installed it properly and securely. Ensure that all electrical connections are waterproofed and correctly insulated, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

When placing the pump in your pond, be sure to locate it so that it is protected from exposure to debris, inflow or outflow pipes and boat traffic. The right placement will keep your fountain running smoothly and help avoid any premature wear or damage to the pump.

If you choose to have your pond fountain professionally installed, be sure that the technician is experienced in installing your size and make of pond fountain pumps. You want the installation done right the first time!

For more complicated installations, it may be a good idea to have your pond fountain professionally installed. This will ensure that everything is done correctly and safely, giving you the peace of mind that your fountain will last for many years to come.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or get help from an expert, taking the time to understand all of the factors involved in selecting the right pump size will provide you with a pond fountain display that will be a beautiful addition to your home or property.

Pond Lake Machine can assist with installation in our service area or through our network of Pond Maintenance Professionals. Call 336-669-1016

How Long Will My Pond Fountain Last?

The lifespan of a pond fountain depends on several factors such as the size and type of the pump, and how well it has been maintained. Pump filters can get clogged and need replacing on a consistent schedule. Wiring should be checked periodically to ensure they are not worn and are still waterproof.

Pond Fountain with Blue Lights at night


You can use a small pump in a big pond, or a higher horsepower pump in a small pond if you require large or complicated spray patterns.

Pond Fountain Accessories

You may also want to consider using colored lights with floating fountains for ponds, as well as a variety of Premium Fountain nozzle patterns. These can all add visual interest and variety to your pond’s display – making it even more enjoyable for everyone!

Don’t wait any longer? Beautify your pond and make a healthier environment for aquatic life. Get started on creating the perfect fountain for your pond today!

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The horsepower of your fountain pump does make a difference in the type of water output you want from your pond fountain. The more water you need to move, the higher that spray or a complex spray pattern will require more horsepower from your water fountain pump.

Key Learnings

  • Pond size is not always the deciding factor when choosing the right size pump for your pond fountain.  The volume of water your pump needs to move is key to choosing the correct horsepower.

  • Unique spray patterns typically require a larger pump size

  • The more volume of water you want your fountain to push out, the more horsepower you need in your fountain pump.

  • In some cases, you can use more than one pump on one fountain.

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