JSeries Pond Fountains with premium nozzles and a swan

JSeries Pond Fountains from Kasco Marine

Pond Fountains are beautifying and improving the health of ponds across the United States.

Kasco’s JSeries In Pond Fountains offers beautiful water features while improving your pond environment by oxygenating the pond water.   This oxygenation process helps to control weeds, and algae in addition to improving the water quality for aquatic inhabitants.

With an incremental purchase, you can add fountain lighting to your pond’s fountain.  There are a variety of lighting options, color lights, and more for fountains for ponds.

J Series fountains for ponds are available as 3/4, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.5HP units. Pond Lake Management sells and ships Pond Fountains throughout the United States. We can assist with finding professional installation.

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120 V – 3/4 – 1 HP – J Series Fountain

Kasco Marine

$1,829.00 - $6,246.00


208-240 V – 2 & 3 HP – J Series Fountain

Kasco Marine

$4,820.00 - $18,377.00


208-240V – 5 & 7.5 HP – J Series Fountain

Kasco Marine

$6,544.00 - $24,649.00