8 reasons to install a Pond Fountain

(updated 12.5.2023)

A pond fountain provides visual appeal and tranquility to your pond or lake. The sound of streaming water splashing on a peaceful pond can give you a soothing effect.

Install a Pond Fountain to help keep your pond clean and healthy by helping aerate the pond.

Pond Fountains add value by helping keep your water clean and fresh by adding oxygen to the water and helping to minimize surface vegetation. Adding a fountain to commercial property – such as apartment complexes, business parks, and universities can increase property values and make them more popular.

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1. Is your Pond Fountain being used to help aerate your pond?

Consider the depth of the pond when installing Fountains. If you are using the Fountain to help aerate the water only use Fountains in pond depths 6’ or shallower. Water below the 6-foot line will not be circulated. Consider using a submerged aeration unit for deeper Ponds.

2. What size Fountain do you need to install?

The horsepower needed is dependent on the purpose of your fountain. If your purpose is purely for aesthetic purposes, you can get away with a smaller horsepower. If your fountain is intended to provide aeration you should invest in a fountain based on 1.5 horsepower for every acre. For more sophisticated spray patterns you will need to use a higher horsepower fountain.

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Special Notes:

Pond Depth:

Aeration Fountains work best in ponds with a depth of six feet or less.

Size of the Pond:

The larger the pond the more horsepower required.  The height of the spray should be no more than half the width of your pond.

Shape of the Pond:

A round pond is best served by a fountain. The fountain spray can reach the edges of a round pound more easily.

3. A Pond Fountain reduces excessive Algae growth.

The aeration generated by the fountain mixes algae spores into the deeper parts of the pond where there is less sunlight available so that less of them can grow.

5. Eliminate unwanted odors

Aeration oxygenates the water, keeping hydrogen sulfur gas from gathering at the bottom of the pond

6. Keep Fish and other Pond inhabitants Healthy

The aeration process increases oxygen in the pond and helps keep your pond’s ecosystem healthy. Fish and other aquatic organisms will thrive in a well-oxygenated pond environment.

7. Decrease insect habitat

The constant water movement created by Fountains eliminates the calm water environment needed by insects to hatch their larvae.

8. Helps reduce bottom sediment build-up.

A fountain can provide the aeration needed to help reduce the overall accumulation of organic sediment by increasing oxygen levels to speed up decomposition.
Other considerations when deciding on installing a Pond Fountain. You will need an electricity source available at the pond’s edge to power the Fountain.

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Pond Fountain Lights are a great way to add beauty and visual appeal to your pond fountain. Read our Blog Post “Pond Fountain Lights Can Take Your Pond To The Next Level” to learn more.

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Additional accessories:  You may want to consider lighting and premium nozzle options when making a decision on fountain options.  Do you want colored lighting options?  How about premium spray patterns? Today’s fountain options include RGB LED lighting with a remote controller and a wide variety of distinctive display patterns.  

How do I install a Pond Fountain?  Consider working with a professional pond management company such as Pond Lake Management to help with your Pond Fountain installation.  We can help you determine the specific Fountain size and accessories you need for your pond.  If you need an electrical source installed to your pond we can help with securing an electrician.   In addition to Pond Fountain installation we can help with your Pond Maintenance needs call us or complete our Pond Assessment Request Form.


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