Pond Maintenance Plans from Pond Lake Management

Pond Maintenance Plans

Pond Lake Management offers Bi-Monthly Pond Maintenance Plans

Routine pond maintenance plans drastically reduce the expense per visit compared to sporadically completing reactive/post-treatments. By entering into a full-service pond maintenance plans with PLM, we can maintain and achieve the objectives set for your pond or lake’s health and appearance. Including a detailed service checklist after each visit. We monitor pond or lake conditions on each visit and provide you with a detailed checklist and suggestions for corrective action that can be taken to prevent future problems

We complete the following Tasks twice each month

  • Work our check-list to meet the mutually agreed upon objectives for your pond.
  • Identify nuisance vegetation and unwanted sources of nutrients that affect aquatic plant growth with Integrated Pest Management approach
  • Use the appropriate Herbicides, Algaecides and Water Dyes to help control aquatic vegetation. Pond Lake Management is licensed by the State of North Carolina to apply the necessary treatments. (Most aquatic vegetation can’t be eradicated but can be controlled).
  • PLM will maintain all aeration units including floating fountains and diffused aerators.
    • Floating fountains will be checked to ensure no debris is clogged around the impellers and all lights are functioning properly
    • Diffused aerators units will be maintained by ensuring all air filters inside the compressor housing are kept clean and changed when needed.
      Housings will be cleaned and bottom diffusers in the water maintained for consistent airflow.
  • We will consult with groundskeepers about shoreline grasses or unwanted encroachingweeds
  • Pond dye will be added to the pond to limit light penetration and help inhibit new unwanted plant growth.
  • Water test will be conducted to ensure levels are within proper parameters, which will include but not limited to:
    • Ph
    • Oxygen
    • Copper
    • Phosphates
    • Nitrates
    • Total Alkalinity/Hardness
    • Temperature
  • Pond Lake Management will install floating plant islands (at the customer’s request, and expense) which beautify and help reduce nutrients at the same time. These same nutrients are what feeds unwanted plants.
  • We will remove any trash within each pond and keep all standpipe strainers clear of debris.
  • All pond dyes and herbicides will be included within the monthly price.

Does your Pond or Lake need help?   Request a Pond Assessment or give us a call.  We would love to help bring your pond back to life.

Pond Maintenance Plan services we provide

Our trained technicians work with you to assess your pond’s health and help develop a personalized pond maintenance plan for your pond. On our twice-monthly visits, our team will work to make your pond healthy and visually appealing. The consistent pond maintenance efforts will keep your pond healthy for the long term and minimize costly repairs and treatments in the future.

If you are looking for “Pond Maintenance Near Me” the Pond Lake Management team is your answer with over 35 years of pond and lake management experience, which helps us provide our clientele with lake and pond management services throughout the Piedmont Triad including Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, and beyond.

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