Pond and Lake Fountains from Kasco Marine

The Best Pond and Lake Fountains!

Whether you need a small fountain or a fountain with horsepower. Pond Lake Management can provide options to meet your needs. Our Pond Fountains offer beautiful and Aesthetically pleasing spray patterns and a variety of color lighting options.

Pond Lake Management distributes High-Quality Kasco Marine Pond and Lake Fountains with a variety of Lighting and Knozzle options.

Three Phase Fountain Options are available upon request.  Please call 336-669-1016 for details.

Pond Muck - Pond & Lake Management

Kasco Marine J Series Fountains

3/4 Quarter to 7.5 Horsepower

From: $1,829.00

VFX Fountain by Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine VFX Fountains

1/2 Quarter to 5 Horsepower

From: $1,316.00

Beautiful and Functional Lighting!

Waterglow Lighting is available with RGB LED lighting packages that allow for 9 color options that you can change with a remote controller. Composite LED Lighting offers color options but is more challenging because they use color lenses that require changing at the fountain in the water.

Pond Muck - Pond & Lake Management

Kasco Marine RGB LED Lighting

9 Color Options, 5 Brightntess Levels, Remote Control controls lighting from shore.

From: $1,234.00

Pond Muck - Pond & Lake Management

Kasco Marine Composite Lighting

5 Color Options, Requires changing color lens on the fountain in the water.

From: $830.00.00

Premium Fountain Nozzles

Kasco Marine Fountains come with five spay pattern options and for a small investment, you can invest in one of our premium nozzle packages. Our premium nozzles provide crisp, distinct streams of water for a more attractive display.

Kasco Marine Premium Nozzles
Premium Pond Fountain Nozzles from Kasco Marine

Kasco Marine Premium Nozzles

Crisp and Distinct Streams of water for a more attractive display. For 2, 3, 5 & 7.5 HP units.