In Pond Fountains: How to Choose the Correct In Pond Fountain

In Pond Fountain at sunset
In Pond Fountain at an apartment complex

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Are you looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of your pond? Adding a fountain can be a great decision with benefits such as increased water circulation, oxygenation, and aesthetic appeal. Choosing the right fountain can be overwhelming, especially for those who may not have much experience with pond maintenance.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We’ll walk you through the key considerations to help you choose the right fountain for your storm retention, farm, HOA, institution, or commercial pond. From understanding the pump motor size to using multiple fountains, we’ll help provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Pond Fountain and Aeration installation at Grandover Resort in Greensboro, North Carolina

Installation of a pond fountain at Grandover Resort

Choose the Right Pump Motor

Pump motor size is a critical consideration as it determines the fountain’s water disbursement and adds to the overall aeration in the pond. To figure out the appropriate pump motor size for your pond, start by determining the depth and surface area of your pond. Depending on the size of the pond, you may require a pump motor with anywhere from ½ to 5 HP.

We recommend choosing a higher horsepower motor than you think you’ll need, as this will help it cope with any future changes to your pond, such as adding more fish or plants. Remember, a pump motor that is underpowered can result in a dull and unsightly fountain display.

Pro Tip

Pond Fountains require consistent maintenance,  filters need replacing, and air hoses need checking to look for leaks and clogs. The pump motor should be assessed to make sure it is in good working order.

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Match the Pond Fountain to your Pond’s Size and Style

When selecting a fountain, make sure it complements your pond’s size and style. A larger or more elaborate pond requires a fountain that can match its scale and complexity.

A small pond with a small surface area can look great with a simple, single-tiered nozzle, while larger ponds with interconnecting arms, and multiple-tiered nozzles are ideal for bigger surface areas. The fountain lighting, and nozzle shapes also contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

Consider the Fountain’s Spray Pattern

Due to exposure to the wind, ponds located in open areas may require a more narrow water discharge than ponds located in protected areas. The spray pattern also plays a crucial role in oxygenating the water.

Fountains with a single stream or bubbler nozzle are ideal for maximum oxygenation, whereas those with a fan or dome-shaped nozzle distribute the water more broadly, resulting in less oxygenation. A good suggestion is to choose a fountain that can be adjusted to different spray levels, so you achieve the effect you want.

Our selection of pond fountains is available with a choice of premium spray patterns for purchase. Choose the right spray pattern for your needs and enjoyment

In Pond Fountain and Trash Guard
Pond Fountain with Blue Lights at night

Pond Fountain Lighting

Lighting for your Pond Fountain can dramatically improve the aesthetic look of Pond Fountains. Whether it is simple white composite lights that are set to come on at dusk or elaborate multi-colored RGB Pond Lights that provide beautiful colors to your pond. Pond Lake Management can help solve your Pond Lighting needs.

In addition, to the benefit of color, RGB lighting can be controlled by a wireless controller that allows you to turn the lights on and off and potentially change the color scheme from the comfort of your home. No need to make your way to the fountain in the middle of your pond.

Multiple fountains in a Large Pond
Pond Fountain to help oxygenate pond water

Use Multiple Fountains to Increase Pond Functionality

Using multiple fountains helps to increase the pond’s water circulation, which, in turn, results in enhanced oxygenation and improved pond health. Positioning multiple fountains effectively around the pond can help reduce dead spots and sediment buildup.

Multiple fountains should be spaced apart and offered in different nozzle types so that the pond’s water is distributed evenly.

A Pond Maintenance Plan

A Pond Maintenance Plan is a holistic approach to controlling aquatic weeds that combines prevention, chemical control, and mechanical control methods. Pond Lake Management uses a combination of tactics to manage aquatic weeds in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

A pond maintenance plan for your pond or lake may include regular monitoring, water quality testing, and the use of multiple control methods as needed. For ongoing Pond Maintenance, Pond Lake Management can help request a pond assessment or call us at 336.669.1016.


A fountain can make an excellent addition to any pond by enhancing its visual appeal and functionality. To get the right fountain, you need to consider factors such as the pump motor’s size, determine the pond’s size and style, spray pattern, and use of multiple fountains. With these considerations in mind, you can end up with a refreshing and beautiful pond that both you and your guests can admire. Don’t hesitate to explore different fountain types and styles to find the perfect match for your pond!