Pond Water Dye – The Benefits

The addition of pond or lake water dye can make your pond more visually appealing by adding a tint of color to the water. Murky water that is brought on by algae growth and naturally occurring debris can lead to a smelly, dirty pond. Pond scum can turn your pond or lake a green or brown color and potentially harm the aquatic life.

Using pond dye is one of the tools you can use to prevent a smelly pond and keep your lake looking clean and odor-free. Dyes are just one tool used by professionals to provide proper Pond Maintenance and Lake Management.

Why you should use Lake Dye


1) Lake Water Dye helps keep Algae growth in check

Algae can be extremely harmful to your pond or lake. It acts as a barrier to the sun to increase pond shading, blocks water movement which hurts the oxygenation of the water and ultimately will be a detriment to desirable aquatic vegetation and fish.

Many people assume that algae are a plant that grows only on the surface of the water. However, algae are microorganisms that have the capability to perform photosynthesis. Algae, also known as “pond scum” is an unattractive green color that is unpleasant to look at, and can also have a very undesirable smell. If not treated properly, the odor from pond scum can be foul enough to disrupt your lifestyle.

Unattractive Ponds or Lakes in commercial or housing complexes can harm the aesthetics of a community and cause problems with the residents. A pond or lake should enhance the community and be a place to relax and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the outdoors.

Algae Growth harms the health of your pond or lake

If your Pond or Lake is suffering from serious algae growth or the water flow is hampered by debris consider calling Pond Lake Management for professional help.


2) Pond Dye makes Lakes and Ponds look more inviting

Ponds and lakes are affected and constantly changed by the environments around them.
It probably has grasses, dirt, rocks, and other natural debris like tree branches and sediment accumulating on the bottom. Even if your pond or lake has a concrete or other man-made floor, it will collect debris from fallen leaves, dirt from around the edges, and decaying aquatic life. Ponds also acquire debris from the runoff caused by the rain.
All of this debris and vegetation will affect the color of your pond, turning it an unpleasant color, making it murky, and eventually hinder oxygen intake.

Pond dye is a great solution to this problem. Pond dye will help keep your pond water clean and looking attractive. You have a variety of shades to choose from like blue or a cleaner version of green.

4) How to get rid of Algae?

Adding pond dye to your Lake or Pond is one of several options to help you minimize pond scum growth.
The appropriate pond dye formula will help eliminate algae growth, in the water. Consistent pond Pond Maintenance with Pond Dyes and other Lake Management tools will clean up the water and get rid of the unpleasant odor.

What is Algae?

In addition to dyes, you need to improve water movement to minimize algae growth. Algae only thrive in water that is stagnant. Consider adding a Diffused Aeration system or Fountain in addition to pond dye treatments to help reduce algae blooms.

Pond Dye and Aeration units

4) Pond & Lake Dye is Environmentally Friendly

If you are concerned that using pond dye will be harmful to the health of your aquatic plants or fish, don’t worry, look for lake dyes that are listed as environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly dyes will not harm aquatic vegetation, fish, waterfowl, or plants near the pond.

If you choose the right pond dye for your water, you will not have to worry about harming the environment.
Water dyes should not alter the color of plants or foliage as long as the plant roots are intact and the stems have not been cut. Typically plants only take in the color of the dye when their stems have been cut, allowing for the dye to accumulate in the plant.

Pond Lake Management can help develop an Aeration plan using Vertex Aquatic Aeration solutions. Complete a Pond Assessment request for details.

5) Lake and Pond Dyes are typically not harmful to Pets or Humans

If used properly water dye is produced to be safe for humans and animals that come into contact with it. We always recommend, read the package label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only use it as directed.
If the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, the dye is safe for people.

Bottom Diffused Aeration Unit installed by Pond Lake Management

6) An attractive Pond or Lake will improve the resale value of your property.

A clean, visually appealing Pond will enhance your property and improve its market value. A well-cared-for Residential, Commercial, or Agricultural pond will be more attractive to buyers and help you with your resale value.

Pond Dye along with Aeration and other Lake Management solutions will keep your Pond or Lake clean and healthy.

Pond dye is one of the solutions to minimize algae growth and enjoy a more beautiful pond or lake without causing harm to plants or fish that live in the water. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pond is aesthetically pleasing and you are improving the health of your Pond or Lake.