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Renovate MAX G enhances target weed control, and provides selective control of many broadleaf weeds. Renovate MAX G is formulated on biodegradable granules that immediately delivers Renovate MAX G down to the critical area for controlling target weeds. Herbicidal symptoms are initially expressed 2 to 14 days following application. Generally, target plants are controlled within 2 to 4 weeks after treatment.

For best results, use a Surfactant such as Cygnet Plus or Cide Kick ll with this product. 


  • .25 ppm: 4.7 lb per acre foot
  • 5 ppm: 93.7 lb per acre foot


Susceptible Weeds/Algae

Highly Susceptible

  • Eurasian Watermilfoil, Flowering Rush,

Hybrid Watermilfoil, Variable-leaf Milfoil

Moderately susceptible

  • Northern Watermilfoil, Bladderwort, White Water Lily, Watershield

For full list

– See label


  • Assay of .4 ppb or less

Livestock watering

  • 120 days or assay under 1 ppb


  • 120 days or assay under 1 ppb
  • N/A established grasses

See label for specific details


  • Weight: 41 lb
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 16 in

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