Fish Feeders (125 lb. or 425 lb. capacity)


$1,125.00 - $1,475.00


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Product Description

Directional Fish Feeders

Directional Fish Feeders to help keep your fish healthy and fed

Our directional feeder has an extremely reliable delivery system utilizing an auger to move feed from the hopper to the impeller which blows it into the water. This reliable technology has been used for years to move and distribute feed and we wouldn’t use any other mechanism in our feeders. The auger is very precise and consistent and does not damage the fish feed like other feeder systems. The Vertical impeller broadcasts the feed between the distances of 5 and 50 feet in a pie shaped pattern covering about 30 degrees of arc.

The powerful motor spins the large, 8 fin impeller plate similar to those used in industrial air moving systems. This creates a superior feed distribution than systems with smaller, diagonal impellers. Handles a large variety of feed: 1/8 to 1/2 pellet, and no feed is dropped within 5 feet of the feeder. This is the most reliable and time tested technology for any directional fish feeder for pond.

Our 125 lb. Directional Feeders ship in two packages.

  • Package 1: 38 x 20 x 17: 60 lb.
  • Package 2: 31 x 10 x 6: 21 lb.

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  • Weight: 81 lb
  • Width: 22 in
  • Depth: 31 in
  • Height: 22 in

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