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Product Description

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Sonar Genesis is the latest Sonar formulation innovation. Sonar Genesis was designed to be an easier to use herbicide formulation that lasts longer in the water and provides a faster knockdown on many floating and emergent weed species. This convenient 1/2 lb. formulation provides a lower cost per gallon product improving operations for applicators.

Use Rates

Single application
– 10 ppb: .05 gal per acre foot
– 90 ppb: .48 gal per acre foot
Specific rates
– Dependent on species (see label)

Susceptible Weeds and Algae

Aquatic plants controlled – Bladderwort, Coontail, Elodea, Brazilian Elodea, Cabomba, Hydrilla, Naiad, Pondweed (except Illinois), Watermilfoil (except Variable-leaf Milfoil), Spatterdock, Water-lily, Duckweed, ParagrassAquatic plants partially controlled
– See label

Water Use Restrictions


– 7 to 30 days, assay required for new seed

See Label for specific details




  • Weight: 11 lb
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 7 in
  • Height: 14 in

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