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We sell and ship all of our e commerce products across the entire United States*. From Water Dyes, Algaecides, and Herbicides to Pond Fountains and Aeration we have you covered for all of your Pond Maintenance needs.  Find your in pond fountains, aerators for ponds, trash bar guards, fish feeders, turtle traps, chemical pond weed killers, and algae control for ponds in our e commerce shop.

If you have questions about a product in our e commerce store or would like to talk to us about installations, chemical applications, or ongoing pond maintenance, please submit our “Request an Assessment” form or call us at 336.669.1016.


*Some of our pond chemicals are restricted by state law. Restrictions are noted on the individual product pages.

Pond Fountains

Pond Fountains add visual beauty to any pond or lake. A fountain can also help aerate the water by adding oxygen. Click one of the images below to choose a fountain and the accessories you want. If you prefer, click here to visit our fountain page to download brochures from our fountain suppliers.

Pond Fountains

Fountain Lighting

Premium Nozzles

Premium Pond Fountain Nozzles from Kasco Marine



Aeration is a good choice for helping to control algae and weed growth in your pond. Aerators keep the water circulating, add oxygen, and minimize muck build-up. Pond Lake Management sells, installs, and maintains all types of aeration units. Complete a “Request an Assessment” form for help, click a button below, or visit our aeration page for more information, including brochures.

Surface Aeration


Diffused Aeration

Diffused Pond Aeration from Pond Lake Management

Bar Guards, Solar Power and Control Panels

Bar Guards keep debris, trash, rodents, and other unwanted materials out of your incoming and outgoing piping systems.

Pond Lake Management also offers Solar Power options to power your fountain or aeration unit. Solar power is the perfect choice for ponds where electrical power is not an option.

Bar Guards

Pond Bar Guards for water intakes

Solar Power Units

Solar Powered Fountains installed by Pond Lake Management

Control Panels

Pond Fountain Control Panels for fountains and pond fountain lighting

Turtle Traps & Fish Feeders

.Our floating turtle traps are designed to catch many turtles at a time. When turtles climb up on the ramps to sun themselves the gravity trap panels tip into the trap compartment and they fall into the trap. Made with aluminum ramps, 1″ x 1″ – 14 gauge coated mesh frame, and strategic ¼” steel reinforcing rods, this the strongest and most durable floating turtle trap available.

The wire mesh is coated with the same material used on lobster pots in salt water. Along with turtles naturally entering the trap from sunning on the platforms you may also entice turtles to enter the trap by using chopped raw fish for bait enclosed in a sack or bait box placed inside the trap.

Directional Fish Feeders to help keep your fish healthy and fed. Available in 125 or 425 lb. capacity. An automatic fish feeder helps maintain your fish population with automated feedings that consistently dispense the proper amount of feed. Sweeney’s automatic lake & pond fish feeders save you money and keep your underwater population stable all year long. Help your fish grow and be more healthy with our automatic pond feeder.

Turtle Traps

Solar Powered Fountains installed by Pond Lake Management

Fish Feeders

Sweeney Directional Fish Feeder

Algaecides, Herbicides, Water Dyes & Surfactants

Not sure what type of pesky weed or algae is invading your pond? Check out our Algae & Weed Identification guide for help. Still not sure? Call us at 336.669.1016.

Always wear eye protection, gloves, and appropriate clothing when applying chemicals.


Water Dyes

Deep Blue Shadow  pond dye tints the water a pleasing dark color, beautifying cloudy water. For use in lakes, ponds and decorative water features with little or no outflow.


Glyphosate is an herbicide. It is applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses.


Glyphosate is an herbicide. It is applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses.