Decorative Water Features

Fountains can bring aesthetic appeal and relaxation to any residential, apartment or commercial pond. Pond Lake Management can help you decide on the best size fountain for your pond. Multiple size fountains are available, each with optional light kits to add visual interest and allow for night viewing. In ponds less than 6’ deep fountains also provide surface aeration and will help with water circulation and visual clarity.

Aquascaping for Environmental Mitigation

While you may choose Aquascaping to improve the look of your lake or pond, state and county governmental agencies frequently require the use of aquatic plants for environmental reasons. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic quality of your water, Aquascaping with the right types of plants provides significant benefits to pond quality.
Aquascaping for environmental mitigation involves strategic planting to enhance the quality of life for fish and other wildlife by stabilizing the soil, absorbing nutrients, and providing cover.

Freshwater Plants for Your Lake or Pond

Our certified technicians can help you by designing and implementing a customized aquascape or mitigation program to meet your unique needs. With proper planning, a successful aquascape can improve the quality of your pond or lake while preventing future issues affecting the pond or lake health.