Pond Maintenance Questions and Answers

Your Questions and Answers about Pond and Lake Maintenance

Pond Maintenance questions and answers

are reviewed below. We answer the most frequently asked questions about vegetation control, pond aeration, fountain installation and repair and maintaining a healthy aquatic environment.

If you have questions about your Pond and Lake Management give us a call, or complete a Pond Assessment Request, we can tailor a pond or lake maintenance solution for your water source.

Why should you maintain your pond or lake on a regular schedule?

Ponds and Lakes are aesthetically pleasing and offer fun recreational use to an apartment complex, office park, or university campus. They add functional value to agricultural operations.  But without consistent pond maintenance service, the water can form a buildup of sediment, vegetation, and trash, leaving you with a foul-smelling and unappealing pond or lake.

Pond Lake Management is a full-service Pond Maintenance Company, we offer Lake Management Services, Stormwater Pond Maintenance, Farm Pond Maintenance and recreational pond management. We install and maintain water aeration and fountains. We offer monthly maintenance agreements that meet your specific needs.

How do you get rid of vegetation growing in a pond or lake?

The first step to a pond or lake vegetation control plan is to identify the vegetation growing in your pond. A licensed pond maintenance contractor such as Pond Lake Management can help identify the vegetation in your lake or pond.

Next, a vegetation control plan will be developed and identify which Pond Maintenance tools to use to eliminate harmful growth. In the short term, a combination of chemical treatment and weed harvesting may be suggested. For the long term health of your lake or pond, aeration is a good solution. Pond aeration adds oxygen to your pond or lake which helps minimize weed growth and muck build-up.

For the long term health of your pond or lake, contact Pond Lake Management,  we can tailor a Pond Maintenance agreement to meet your pond or lake needs.

What geographic areas does Pond Lake Management service?

We are a pond maintenance company that generally operates within a sixty-mile radius of Greensboro, North Carolina. We offer Pond and Lake Management services in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, High Point, Burlington, Asheboro, and more.

Below is a list of Counties where we provide Pond Maintenance Services.

Guilford • Forsyth • Randleman • Randolph • Rockingham • Davidson • Alamance • Orange • Davidson • Stokes • Caswell • Rowan • Durham

For complete pond and lake management services in the Piedmont of North Carolina give Pond Lake Management a call for complete Pond and Lake Maintenance services, aeration, and fountain installation.

Do you service KOI Ponds?

Koi Pond Water Features Installation and Maintenance

Pond Lake Management focuses on Lake Management and Pond Management Services. Our pond maintenance contracts typically cover Fountain and Aeration Installation and Service as well as vegetation control.

While we do not work on smaller water features we can help refer you to experts who can. Pond Lake Management collaborates with our good friends at Pond Professors. The water feature experts at Pond Professors can install, repair, and maintain your KOI pond or other water feature.

Why do I need to Aerate (add Oxygen) to my Lake or Pond?

Providing enough oxygen to your lake or pond is vital to maintaining a healthy aquatic environment for fish, controlling unwanted vegetation, and eliminating algae growth. A good aeration plan minimizes the need for chemical intervention to solve issues caused by low oxygen such as aquatic weeds, fish kills, poor water clarity, midge fly swarms, foul odors, and bottom muck.

We install and maintain aerators and fountains from manufacturers such as Vertex and Kasco.

Good pond and lake aeration plans will help circulate the water forcing oxygen to filter throughout the lake reducing algae, reducing muck buildup, and improving the health of your water. Pond Lake Management is a licensed Lake Management Company in North Carolina, we can develop an aeration plan for your pond, install the units, and provide ongoing pond management with our monthly lake and pond maintenance contracts. 

Aerators or Fountains? Which is right for my Pond or Lake?
  • Pond Fountains and Aerators are very different.
  • Floating Pond Fountains provide minimal aeration. They move water around the surface of a pond or lake and improve pond oxygen levels on the surface of a lake or pond. They typically do not aerator the water further than their spray pattern and Lake Fountains do not add oxygen into the depths of your pond or Lake. Fountains are excellent options if you need minimal aeration and desire an appealing aesthetic for your pond or lake.
  • Pond Aeration Systems have two lines that come off of the pump, one for electrical power, and an airline. The Aerator diffuser sits on the pond or lake floor and diffuses oxygen into the water at the bottom of the or pond or lake. Bottom diffused aeration “turns the lake or pond over”, adding oxygen at all levels, in the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve a healthy balance.

To feel confident about your choice of an Aerator or Fountain call the experts at Pond Lake Management we will review your Pond or Lake needs and provide solutions for your water-way.

View more about fountain installation and pond aeration.

How to remove and prevent Pond Muck?

Pond muck or sediment is the accumulation of materials such as decaying vegetation, waterfowl and fish waste, and any other organic materials that settle on the bottom of your pond. This sediment can grow into layers of potentially harmful muck that traps gases that when released can kill fish. The thick, dense sediment can become home to leeches and worms and it can lead to a smelly unattractive pond or lake.

Pond Lake Management suggests one of the following options to dissipate the muck.

1). Install Bottom Diffused Aeration
2) Manual Removal
3) Apply Microbe based Products

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How do water dyes help a Pond or Lake?

The addition of pond or lake dye can make your pond more visually appealing by adding a tint of color to the water. Murky water that is brought on by algae growth and naturally occurring debris can lead to a smelly, dirty pond. Pond scum can turn your pond or lake a green or brown color and potentially harm the aquatic life.

Using pond dye is one of the tools you can use to prevent a smelly pond and keep your lake looking clean and odor-free. Dyes are just one tool used by professionals to provide proper Pond Maintenance and Lake Management.

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