Monthly Pond and Lake Management

We offer Monthly Maintenance Contracts

North Carolina’s trusted choice for Lake Management and Pond Maintenance services including Aeration, Fountain installation, Vegetation Control, Stormwater Management and more. Pond Lake Management works with customers to provide solutions to their water quality problems.

We offer technologically advanced lake and pond management products and services to help all of our customers achieve a natural, healthy, and clean Lake or Pond. As an experienced Lake Management Company, our experienced technicians can provide Monthly Pond and Lake Management services that will restore your pond or lake to its original beauty.

Our monthly pond maintenance service programs help pond owners control Algae and Invasive plant growth with the appropriate chemical applications.

A few more of our services:

Monthly Pond and Lake Management

Pond Fountain Installation

Monthly Pond and Lake Management

Pond Lake Management works with Kasco Marine to supply high-quality fountains to help make their ponds or lakes more visually appealing as well as adding oxygen to the water to help curb Algae growth and minimize harmful vegetation growth. Complete our Pond Assessment RequestPond & Lake Assessment Form form or call us 336.669.1016

Aerators for Ponds and Lakes

Monthly Pond and Lake Management

Pond Aeration is the perfect solution to control Algae and unwanted aquatic plants in your Lake or Pond.  We are a trusted Lake Management company with trained technicians who can help develop a monthly plan using tools such as Aeration Units from Vertex Aquatic Solutions to help control muck and introduce more oxygen to your Lake or Pond.

Vertex Aerator Systems installed by Pond Lake Management