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Pond Maintenance, Weed Control, Fountains and Aeration
Pond and Lake Aeration for Healthier cleaner ponds and lakes

Pond Lake Management Services


Pond Maintenance and Lake Management Services


Pond & Lake Management is a full-service Pond and Lake Management company with over 35 years of experience. We are a licensed commercial herbicide applicator, providing professional aquatic management solutions for ponds, lakes, streams and retention ponds.

Pond Lake Management offers ongoing maintenance solutions, with visits to your pond or lake every two weeks, to help us monitor conditions so corrective actions can be taken to prevent problems from arising.  Click here to learn more about us.


Save 25% on Pond Water Dyes

Pond Maintenance Services for residential, commercial, universities, agricultural, and HOAs
Pond Aeration for a cleaner healthier Lake or Pond
 Fountains for  healthy, visually appealing Lakes and Ponds
Aquatic Weed Control manage unwanted vegetation

Customers and Affiliations

Kings Mill HOA Pond and Lake Management by Pond Lake Management
Kings Pond HOA Pond Aeration by Pond Lake Management
Pond Lake Management - Pond Management at High Point University
Pond Lake Management and Villages at Brookwood
Pond Lake Management provides Lake Management services for UNCG

Pond and Lake Management

The Pond Lake Management certified technicians will work with you to assess your pond’s health and provide recommendations that include a personalized maintenance plan for your pond. We will work to keep your lake or pond healthy, visually appealing, and functioning properly.  Your efforts now to manage your pond’s needs will keep your pond healthy for the long term and minimize costly repairs and treatment issues.

Our team has over 35 years of pond management experience, which allows us to provide our clientele with lake and pond management services throughout the Piedmont Triad including Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington and beyond. 

If you would like to speak with a member of our team or schedule an appointment, please call Pond Lake Management 336-669-1016. 


Pond Lake Management’s monthly maintenance services

  • Maintenance Packages – with visits to your pond or lake every two weeks.
  • Aquatic Vegetation Control (Aquatic Weeds & Algae)
  • Embankment Clearing
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Pond Coloring
  • Dam, Inlet & Outlet Inspections
  • Fountain & Aerator  Installation and Repair
  • General Cleaning
  • Trash/Debris Removal

These programs are designed to provide you with clean, healthy, and balanced ponds, which will cost-effectively fulfill their intended beauty, real estate value, recreational value, and drainage functions. Lake owners and managers have been placing the care and nurturing of their lakes and ponds on professional water management programs for over 35 years, and we invite you to join the growing list of our satisfied customers.

It is our mission to preserve your waterways by using safe and effective treatment methods while offering competitive prices. If you are interested in learning more about our aquatic weed and vegetation management programs, we encourage you to reach out to Pond Lake Management with any questions you may have. 

Call Pond Lake Management 336-669-1016

Routine maintenance will help keep the expense down per treatment compared to only doing reactive/ post-treatments. By entering into a full-service maintenance agreement with PLM, we can maintain and achieve your objectives including a detailed service checklist after each visit.  We will visit your pond or lake every two weeks, these ongoing checks will help us monitor water and vegetation conditions so corrective action can be taken to prevent future issues from arising.

PLM will provide the following tasks every 2 weeks:

  • PLM will work to keep all ponds in accordance to the goals for each pond
  • PLM will utilize the latest products and methods to provide you with the most up to date service possible.
  • PLM will strive to manage the best water quality conditions for fish and overall attractiveness.
  • An Integrated Pest Management (IMP) approach will be customized for each pond to help identify nuisance vegetation and unwanted sources of nutrients that affect the growth of aquatic plants.
  • PLM is licensed through the state as an herbicide applicator and thus will help control and maintain all aquatic vegetation. (Most aquatic vegetation can’t be eradicated but can be controlled)
  • PLM will maintain all aeration units including floating fountains and diffused aerators.
  • Floating fountains will be checked to ensure no debris is clogged around the impellers and all lights are functioning properly
  • We will consult with ground keepers about shoreline grasses or unwanted encroaching weeds.
  • We will utilize only the best name brand equipment, herbicides and pond dyes that have been proven most effective.
  • Pond dye will be added to each pond to limit light penetration and help inhibit new unwanted plant growth.
  • Water test will be conducted to ensure levels are within proper parameters, which will include but not limited to:
      • Ph
      • Oxygen
      • Copper
      • Phosphates
      • Nitrates
      • Total Alkalinity/ Hardness
      • Temperature
    • We will install floating plant islands (at the customer’s request, and expense) which beautify and help reduce nutrients at the same time.  These same nutrients are what feeds unwanted plants.
    • We will remove any trash within each pond and keep all standpipe strainers clear of debris.
    • All pond dyes and herbicides will be included within the monthly price.
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Pond Maintenance, Weed Control, Fountain and Aeration Installation and Maintenance