Green Carp a ponds' lawn mower
Pond Lake Management for Pond Maintenance

Spring Fish Day! Thursday, May 18th

This is the ONLY day and we will not have another one until Fall. The Fish Truck will be here at my Shop (house)

Pick up fish at:

Pond Lake Management, LLC
2310 Alamance Church Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27406

We are taking orders for anyone wanting to stock their ponds. Please let us know by Friday, April 28th if you are interested in purchasing any fish. Email your order with the types and quantities of each.  Once we have all orders in and placed, “an email” will come out with the time we will need you to arrive for pick up.

(We cannot deliver, due to the number of customers arriving)   Attached is the price sheet along with recommended stocking amounts per acre. Remember there is an additional $1 per Oxygenated Bag for transporting fish. (on average they can do 10 carp per bag and several hundred per bag of other species)

Sterile Grass Carp 8-11”:             10 per bag
Channel Catfish 3-5”:                   100-200 per bag
Coppernose Bluegill 1-3”:            500 per bag
Shellcracker 1-3”:                          500 per bag
Redbreast 1-3”:                              500 per bag
Largemouth Bass 2-4”:                 100-200 per bag
Mosquitofish:                                 500 per bag

Grass Carp are our natural “lawn mowers” for the pond.  They will help to naturally keep the unwanted vegetation from getting out of control.  Be aware if you choose catfish or crappy, both can become aggressive and may take over and be the only fish remaining in your pond.

We will also have some products available that day for purchase on sale. Fish Feeders, Fish Food, Turtle Traps, Bar Guards, Herbicides, Pond Dyes and more!

Please call or email if you have any questions.

Lee Andrews