Pond Lake Management Product Distributorships

Pond Lake Management is a distributor for several pond and lake maintenance products.  We only work with the best fountain and aeration manufacturers who have track records of quality products and standing behind their units with the best warranties in the U.S.

We value our customer relationships and our mission is to provide the best service and products in the market place.  Below you will find information about two of our equipment suppliers with videos and links to their websites.

If you need help with pond and lake maintenance equipment, give Pond Lake Management a call, 336-669-1016.

Vertex Pond & Lake Aeration

Dissolved oxygen is the most critical indicator of a pond’s health and water quality.

Oxygen is naturally added to aquatic ecosystems by aquatic plants and algae through the process of photosynthesis, and by diffusion at the water’s surface and atmosphere interface. Animal, plant and bacteria respiration deplete oxygen. Adding oxygen to your pond, lake, canal, marina or reservoir water with bottom diffused aeration can help reduce the nutrients that promote algae growth by speeding up the breakdown of organic matter at the bottom, reducing the nutrient-rich muck buildup. Removing ‘stratification’ through aeration also balances the pH levels and ensures that fish and other organisms have the oxygen they need at all levels throughout the year.

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Airmax Aeration Systems

Airmax Aeration Systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers air to specialized diffuser plates that are located on the pond bottom. The resulting column of rising bubbles circulates water throughout the pond, eliminating the thermocline. With a fresh supply of oxygen, natural bacteria and phytoplankton go to work in the water column as well as on the bottom. Any excess nutrients in the system are metabolized, resulting in a cleaner, clearer water and less muck. Results you can see in just 90 days!

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